How to Operate from Rest | Podcast 004

Choices, choices, choices. Choosing is a part of daily life. Should we choose life or death? Laughter or sadness? Joy or sorrow? Beauty or ashes? Worry or rest? The choices are endless.


On the last podcast, we talked about “Finding Your Place of Rest” and how God’s original intention was that we should live in rest.

Today’s short podcast is about “How to Operate from Rest.” With the noise of social media and influences from a lot of sources, it’s sometimes challenging to find this rest that God desires for us.

How exactly did some women in the Bible do it? Let’s take a look at two sisters who are usually mentioned almost every time someone gives a message on making choices. Mary and Martha, close friends of Jesus, couldn’t be more opposite in character when it came to choosing the “best.” You’ll like this one. Be blessed!

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