How to Embrace the Beauty within the Mess


I used to be a stickler for clean dishes and having absolutely nothing in the sink. Then came three kids, homeschooling, and freelancing, and I learned that there’s beauty in my mess. Two days ago, I was loading up the dishwasher and laughing at myself. At how much I’ve changed. And I just had to write about this mess.

Yes, in the midst of pots clanging and banging, dishes brown with dripping stew, a morning workbook half-done, kids running around in circles, a baby taking a two-minute nap and not a second more, and deadlines hanging over your head like a chandelier, there IS beauty in all that good mess.

You just have to be able to see it.

It may look like a storm has passed through your home sometimes, but it’s not the end of the world. Focus on your priorities and set a time later for cleaning up and getting back on track.

After a Storm Comes Peace


Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Texas – states in the US recently shaken by severe storms and tornadoes. Leaving vicinities homeless. People lost. Homes that are no longer humane, muddy uprooted trees, cars swept away and broken into pieces, and sadly lives lost tragically.

Children ask, “Is God angry with us?” And you stare back at their innocent faces and with all the faith you can muster, you gently tell them through grief-stricken tears, “No, baby. God’s plan is never to bring us harm.” Because indeed, God’s plans for us are good and not of evil. But the enemy often will throw chaos at you to rattle you. You are victorious in Christ daily.

-Before you get your heart's desire, you need to get the skills to maintain the desire when it shows up at your door.- @lightherlamp


After the storm passes, there will be an indescribable peace and quietness. You will walk around putting broken pieces together. Time will pass. You will begin to re-build. You will roll up your sleeves and do the work of hammering, renovating, resurfacing, polishing, painting. You will pull through and eventually find beauty in your mess.

In my lighter scenario of dishes all over the sink, I have learned to see that the beauty is in knowing my priorities. Knowing what’s more important (our joy, our health, our brains, our tummies) and knowing that they matter more than anything else. In learning to prioritize, I have seen beauty in my accomplishments. I have learned to “receive” God’s grace.

Here are 3 things you should know about beauty and mess:

1. There’s No Beauty Without Mess

The next time you ask yourself, “Where’s the beauty in all this mess?” consider this:

Dig garden

There’s no beauty without mess. See, God created the earth out of voidness. Emptiness. Nothing. There were no samples to inspire Him. God inspired Himself. The earth was “formless” and the Architect created something beautiful out of it.

So this chaos, this mess, is the ingredient you need to create. Create what you want to see. But don’t get shaken by the mess. Out of it will come your vision for your home and your goals.

2. Clay is Sticky and Messy

Clay means “sticky earth.” Yet, look at the work of a potter. He molds a fine vessel out of clay. Remember Jeremiah? God sent him to the potter’s house to observe something (Jeremiah 18). When he got there, he noticed the potter was making something out of clay and it turned out this thing was marred (disfigured) in the potter’s hands. Nevertheless, the potter began to do something. He began to rework it into another vessel that was better looking.

You are the clay and God is the Potter. He can never ever leave you marred.

3. Roses are from Thorny Bushes

A woman walks down the aisle holding the most enchanting bouquet of roses you’ve ever seen. Beautiful, right? But consider this: roses are found amongst the most prickly thorns. But when they are put together, the mess can never be seen in all that glory.

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There’s beauty in your mess. When life seems chaotic, just hold on and let the Potter work on you. Don’t worry. Don’t stew. Ignore the mess. You will get to it when you get to it, and it will eventually be eliminated.