Finding Your Place of Rest – Podcast Episode 003

With the rise of social media, the lives of people have become more transparent in the public eye.

How many times do we covet what another woman has? With the click of an app, you can easily see what the next person is saying, wearing, or doing. It’s great until it begins to break into a woman’s haven of “rest.”


Today, I want to introduce the idea that you are blessed in your own “place of rest,” but you have to find it, and you have to know that you have rest through Jesus.

The problem is that some of us can’t see past the fog and cloudiness. Be careful what your eyes see because they are the lamp to the soul. Click below to listen to this podcast on “Finding Your Place of Rest.” Hope you are blessed by it.

How to Walk through Your Red Sea

f you see the Red Sea in front of you, won’t it seem like the silliest thing to do to expect to walk on dry land through it?

Walking through the Red Sea on dry land does sound like a crazy idea. However, just like so many wonderful, incredibly, seemingly impossible things that can happen once God steps into picture, this one — walking through the Red Sea on dry land — is not an exception.

History has this story covered. After 400 years of slavery, the Israelites believed that God was going to free them from slavery and that their time to leave Egypt had come (Exodus 15).

Now, I want you to think very carefully about the next sentence you are about to read, because it’s important that you get it immediately.

 “The only way to leave Egypt behind was to walk through the Red Sea in front, on dry land.” 

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