Where should your hands go?

“If only,” I hear you say, with a tinge of regret. “If only I could do this one thing. I’ll be just like her.”

Today, dear P31, I’m writing to you. No, not her. Just you.

It does seem like a natural inclination to want to aspire to be like the world’s most powerful woman. Or to dream of maybe one day becoming exactly like your icon. Let’s even bring it down a little — sometimes you just want to be like your friend, Mrs. A, because it seems like she has it all together. Continue reading

The Clean Slate | A Fresh New Start Every Morning

I hear a song in my spirit, but first let me write this. Last night, you probably gave a hundred percent of yourself. Your routine was the same as always. And as always, you wondered yet again whether you would cross-out those items on the list.

And then you found yourself pushing hard through the day. You started to check off the items — one by one, task by task, goal by goal. Maybe one or two items were left unchecked, but the major ones were completed. Continue reading

She’s not Real

“That woman is not real,” I hear you say, as you navigate through the chronicles of her life.

“Come on, think about it. She can’t be real. It’s just a story. A fable. A dream.” You drag your fingers across the print and suddenly you start feeling overwhelmed. Oh, no. Not today! You really don’t need her to make you feel less than what you think you are. Continue reading