The Clean Slate | A Fresh New Start Every Morning

I hear a song in my spirit, but first let me write this. Last night, you probably gave a hundred percent of yourself. Your routine was the same as always. And as always, you wondered yet again whether you would cross-out those items on the list.

And then you found yourself pushing hard through the day. You started to check off the items — one by one, task by task, goal by goal. Maybe one or two items were left unchecked, but the major ones were completed. If anyone asked you how you felt at the end of the night, your response would most likely be, “I’m glad I got some major things done.”

But then, the devil never rests, not so? He’s always going to and fro wondering where to poke. Oh, are you trying to be Mrs Proverbs 31? Well, he’s out for you. Despite those many items you crossed out, guess what? There just might be a giant thorn in your flesh that didn’t quite make it to the “success” table. Every woman knows what that thorn is. Every woman reading this has a place in her heart that God needs to work on. I know what it is for me, and you know what it is for you.

Dear P31, I’m here today to tell you that by the grace of God and the endless mercies of our Daddy, your slate has been wiped clean this morning. Yes, you’ve been given a fresh new start. Yesterday can stay on the pages of yesterday.

Now, let me share that song I was so excited about at the beginning of this post,

The steadfast love of the Lord

never ceaseth,

His mercies never

come to an end…

They are

new every morning,

new every morning,

great is Thy faithfulness O Lord,

great is Thy faithfulness.

I hear you singing along with me as you read this. I hope you’re doing so with a smile on your lips because how amazing is it that the Proverbs 31 woman kept going? Every single day, she would wake up and do everything all over again. Every day, she does her husband good and not evil (verse 12). Every day, she works skillfully with her hands (verse 13). Every day, she envisions and actualizes business plans (verse 16). Every day, her children rise up and call her blessed (verse 28).

But you know the one most important characteristic that is a part and parcel of this woman? It is arguably the best quality she has — “she fears the Lord” (verse 30). To fear the Lord means that you have an understanding of who He is, and you attribute Him as such in every single aspect of your life. So even when we don’t have everything on our lists checked off, even when we’re still building our character and virtue, and even when we’re still making business plans and learning how to make masterpieces with the gifts God has granted unto us, above all else, a woman that fears the Lord keeps her heart in His hands. And there’s no better feeling than knowing your heart is in His hands and He holds you as His beloved. It means He will do anything for you, and that most certainly includes giving you a fresh start (new mercies) every single morning you wake up. That despite the flaws of yesterday, and despite the fact that you are not perfect, your today is stocked full of MERCIES to be #Proverbs31 yet again.

I praise God for my new mercies today! Do you see yours?

6 thoughts on “The Clean Slate | A Fresh New Start Every Morning

  1. Again, please permit me to comment as a man :)).

    The fear of the Lord is the source of true beauty and strength and is at the core of what makes a woman a woman. The fear of the Lord is the one needful thing upon which all the other characteristics of the Prov31 woman hang and what a true man seeks and nurtures above all. Focusing on that one thing simplifies Martha’s life because she draws superhuman strength and wisdom for her tasks at home and in the land, from her relationship with the Lord.

    Thank you for blessing men by encouraging women.

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