What’s Your Intentional Interpretation?


I see you, as the sun sets over your home, chasing your seven children (or how ever many they are), exploring every nook and cranny in the name of a game. “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with,” you call out. And then, almost out of breath, you stop dead in your tracks and lean your back against the wall.

What’s your intentional interpretation of that scenario? A home filled with chaos, or a home filled with laughter, living energetic voices, loving siblings, and vibrant intelligent children who have become accustomed to valuing play, education, or arts & crafts over screen time?

I can start writing about all kinds of scenarios, but deep in your heart, you know what your interpretation has been of your own home and family choices. I woke up this morning and the first question that came to my head was “what’s my intentional interpretation?” And right there, I just knew the Holy Spirit wanted me to write about it. So, this one is for you, if you haven’t been seeing your life the way God wants you to see it. Continue reading

Where should your hands go?

“If only,” I hear you say, with a tinge of regret. “If only I could do this one thing. I’ll be just like her.”

Today, dear P31, I’m writing to you. No, not her. Just you.

It does seem like a natural inclination to want to aspire to be like the world’s most powerful woman. Or to dream of maybe one day becoming exactly like your icon. Let’s even bring it down a little — sometimes you just want to be like your friend, Mrs. A, because it seems like she has it all together. Continue reading