How to Grow When You’re Stuck in Soil – Podcast 008

At a time like this, it may seem like you are STUCK in sticky mud! Like you are captured in one spot, you can’t move, and it’s taking a lot of time to get yourself out of there.

Today’s podcast episode may be just the thing you need to hear because, in it, I talk about How to Grow When You’re Stuck in Soil.

What exactly is good about being stuck in mud? What exactly is good about feeling like you’re not moving fast enough?

Listen in to hear:

  • Why it’s possible that being a dormant seed in sticky soil may just be the right place for you, but is not forever!
  • How “worship” can change your perspective about being stuck in soil.
  • Three practical things you can do when it seems like you’re stuck in a place.


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How to Grow When You're Stuck in Soil. Podcast Episode 008.

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3 Effective Prayers to Say Today (Against COVID-19) – Podcast 007

We are living in trying times. As I type these words, children are being kept back from school, mothers and fathers have been instructed to work from home, and programs like martial arts are streaming their courses online because of the novel coronavirus.

What should you do?

Today, I want to talk about something that YOU can do about the chaos in the world right now. And it only requires WORDS. Words? Yes! Your words are more powerful than any physical weapon you can use to fight the battle.

How? Through Prayer!

I want to share 3 effective prayers that you can say right there in your bedroom that can calm the storm. ARE YOU READY?


3 Effective Prayers to Say Today Against COVID-19

How to Pass through a Blazing Fire – Podcast 006

Today, I want to discuss one shared experience that all of us will encounter at least ONCE in our lifetime, no matter where we come from, or where we live, or what we do.

Maybe you’ve endured the agony of rough times in your relationship or marriage, or maybe you’ve waded through a really difficult transition in your career. Or it just might be the challenge you are facing right now as you try to find the right path to achieve what God has been tugging on your heart to fulfill (“your purpose”). I’ve been there before.

What should you do when you are passing through a blazing fire? In this podcast, I show you three things that you can do.

Listen to the podcast here:

Loved by my Father Podcast Episode 006, How to Pass Through a Blazing Fire

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Your Positive Affirmations Can Transform Your Miracle – Podcast 005

It’s June 1st, everyone. The sixth month of the year! How amazing! Yes, we made it. Today is the perfect day to unveil a very important principle; something we should all have in our back-pockets as we go along on this journey.


I was praying this morning when I began to proclaim what I call “positive affirmations” over my life and my family’s. As I uttered words filled with power, I began to feel a big fire burn within my heart, and I just knew instantly that it was God Himself confirming the words I was proclaiming into existence.

The fire burning in my heart seemed to be coming from somewhere deep down in my soul; a very unusual, deep-rooted and unquenchable fire. As I continued to speak, I knew there was no lesser force on earth that could ever extinguish it. Continue reading