Your Positive Affirmations Can Transform Your Miracle – Podcast 005

Today is the perfect day to unveil a very important principle; something we should all have in our back-pockets as we go along on this journey.


I was praying this morning when I began to proclaim what I call “positive affirmations” over my life and my family’s. As I uttered words filled with power, I began to feel a big fire burn within my heart, and I just knew instantly that it was God Himself confirming the words I was proclaiming into existence.

The fire burning in my heart seemed to be coming from somewhere deep down in my soul; a very unusual, deep-rooted and unquenchable fire. As I continued to speak, I knew there was no lesser force on earth that could ever extinguish it.

It’s the first of June. We have just entered into the archway that brings us into the 6th month and we are about halfway into 2016. Yes, today is the perfect day to tell you about the power of positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations are not just “words” you spit out in the middle of a raging storm. Or in the merciless heat of a fiery furnace. They are not just words you throw around whenever you feel like it. They are the truth. God’s truth about you. God’s truth about your life. Your everyday language. Your spiritual DNA. God’s truth about your husband, children, and home. Think deeply about this next sentence.

Your positive affirmations are just the very thing that will transform your miracle and your story. Your positive affirmations will make your story come alive

Would you like to learn more about positive affirmations? Then come along with me — listen to the new PODCAST EPISODE below where I share a few of my own positive affirmations that have transformed and will continue to shape my miracle and my story. Through this podcast, I hope you will also be inspired to speak positive words of affirmation every single day for the rest of the year and beyond!

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