Finding Your Place of Rest – Podcast Episode 003

With the rise of social media, the lives of people have become more transparent in the public eye.

How many times do we covet what another woman has? With the click of an app, you can easily see what the next person is saying, wearing, or doing. It’s great until it begins to break into a woman’s haven of “rest.”


Today, I want to introduce the idea that you are blessed in your own “place of rest,” but you have to find it, and you have to know that you have rest through Jesus.

The problem is that some of us can’t see past the fog and cloudiness. Be careful what your eyes see because they are the lamp to the soul. Click below to listen to this podcast on “Finding Your Place of Rest.” Hope you are blessed by it.

3 thoughts on “Finding Your Place of Rest – Podcast Episode 003

  1. I am blessed by it. The peace that Jesus gave us is found within us, not without. We lose our peace the moment we start to focus on what appears “better” on the outside and ignore what is best within. Thank you.


    • As always Mr. Ilesanmi, you hit the nail right on the head. The key is “focus.” Our ultimate focus should be the kingdom of God. I once saw a pastor illustrate this. She asked two people to come on the stage (one represented a man and the other God). In the first scene, the man chased after riches. In the second scene, the man chased after God and riches followed suit. So what’s our real focus in the life? God or the distractions the enemy throws at us daily? May we find our pursuits on the right road.

      Thank you so much.


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