The True Architect of Your Dreams, Visions, and Promises

You may say, “I don’t want to dream. My dreams are far-fetched and unreal.”

But Your dreams won’t go away when you’re a child of God.

If you are a God-chaser, you won’t be able to run away from the large-sized dreams, visions, or promises He will reveal to you. When you’re planted by streams of water, tough times will only make you tougher. Challenges will make you stronger, and seasons of drought will not reach your source. Your dreams will stand the test of time.

God did not create you to remain just as you are, but to INCREASE and GROW. God gives us dreams and visions to trigger our growth process and to prod us to take action.

Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, or set foot on the path of sinners, or sit in the seat of mockers. But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on His law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water, yielding its fruit in season, whose leaf does not wither, and who prospers in all he does –

Psalm 1, Berean Study Bible.

I think the problem we often have with dreams is that, sometimes, you can’t clearly define the timeline of a dream’s manifestation. And even more challenging is having the ability to separate the facts from fiction (or an overactive brain). And it’s very okay to say, “Lord, I don’t understand what You are showing me.”

And if you’re like me, if the dream seems bigger than you, you may find yourself saying (and to be transparent I said this last year when I was faced with a dream bigger than myself), “I’m not good enough.”

Why You May Be a Doubting Thomas: Confused About the Timeline

Here’s why we sometimes doubt God’s power to execute a vision through us — we don’t understand the timeline.

That dream (or vision or promise) occurs at a different timeline from when it will eventually happen. And each dream’s timeline is different. It could take anywhere from days to years.

As a child, I remember dreaming that my mum attended a graduation ceremony. She was enrolled in law school at the time. It wasn’t until many years later that she explained that at the time I had the dream, she was pregnant with my little sister and was grappling with the final examination. Of course, I was so little that I didn’t sense any challenges, I just had the dream and told her. With God’s strength, she plunged forward and was eventually called to the bar.

God often reveals our lives to us in bits and pieces so that we don’t get overwhelmed with the entire picture. We operate in confidence a little at a time. We understand first in parts, and then later in full. God is the true Architect of our dreams, visions, and promises. He knows when to give them to you, and He knows the perfect time to make them happen.

So If God is the Ultimate Architect of Your Dreams, What Role Should You Play?

If you could see the entire story of your life in one long scroll, you would be overwhelmed.

So break it down. The Ivy Lee method suggests that before you go to bed at night, you should pause to write down 6 things you want to accomplish the next day. At the end of each day, do a reassessment, and then repeat the process. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Doing this daily increases your efficiency by a large margin. It’s easier to accomplish 6 tasks than 60.

I have several To-Do lists to help me achieve the dreams God has given me for 2019. Nevertheless, there’s one who has already seen the ULTIMATE To-Do list for my entire life. I call Him the Architect of my Dreams.

God is wise enough to introduce concepts to you a little bit at a time to push you to focus only on what you can handle at the moment.

He was there before the world began and spoke it into existence. He carefully knit you in your mother’s womb and knew about what your life would be before you were born. He has already seen your accomplishments and given you the ability to dream big so that you can achieve them. But God is also wise enough to introduce concepts to you a little bit at a time to push you to focus only on what you can handle at the moment.

Here are 3 main things you should do when God gives you a dream, vision, or promise.

“Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement…they seem to make little difference on any given day and yet the impact they deliver over the months and years can be enormous. It is only when looking back two, five, or perhaps ten years later that the value of good habits and the cost of bad ones becomes strikingly apparent.”

James clear – atomic habits

1. Write the dream, vision, or promise down. You can’t accomplish anything that you cannot recall. A lot of times, I get ideas of what to write just as I’m about to pull up my comforter and go to bed. After many painful mishaps of not recollecting what I was thinking about the night before, I’ve learned to get up and write these ideas down before shutting my eyes for the night.

2. Break up the overall dream into chunks of mini-goals and do something about it every day. Accomplish your dream by doing something about it every day. “You pile up enough tomorrows, and you’ll find you are left with nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays.” – Harold Hill. Babies don’t walk as soon as they come out of the womb. Bridges are not typically constructed in 24 hours or less. On average, good books take about a year to a few years to write and publish. You have to break down your overall dream into mini-goals and create habits centered around achieving these mini-goals. It may not make any sense in the beginning, but if you do this long enough over a period of months or years, the rewards will be strikingly apparent, as James Clear put it. So go ahead and write down 6 things you want to accomplish. Then open up your list tomorrow and do the one with the most priority, and then the next, and the next. You’ll be surprised at the rhythmic pattern in which your dreams and visions will grow and morph into what they are meant to become.

3. Don’t share your dreams with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Your dreams are sacred. The vision God has given you is sacred. Don’t throw your dreams to wolves who will ravish them and leave you alone with the bones. A wise person told me this back in 2010 and I remember his words till this day. Aside from my family, I can count on maybe three friends that will believe God with me if I disclose a dream to them. I talk to one of them almost on a daily basis and the other two, even if we don’t speak for weeks, when we do, it’s as if time never passed. Only share your dreams with people who will stand with you in prayer, who will believe God with you, and who will keep you accountable until every God-ordained purpose has been fulfilled.

So ask yourself this today — what dream has God given you right now? Have you been doubting this dream? It’s time to let that wave just crash into your soul. Don’t beg God to take the dream away, ask Him for wisdom on what to do daily to accomplish it. Write it down, break it down into daily achievable bits, and don’t confide in just anyone. He who is faithful with little, God will bless with more.

What dreams has God given you for 2019? Comment below if you feel encouraged to trust the Architect of your dreams today. See you on the next Blog post 🙂

6 thoughts on “The True Architect of Your Dreams, Visions, and Promises

  1. “Only share your dreams with people….who will believe God with you,….until every God-ordained purpose has been fulfilled.” no truer words because they will be the ones who will constantly reassure you especially when the challenges comes and it (seems) easier to give up than follow through.

    “…tough times will only make you tougher. Challenges will make you stronger,…” also, i believe we should be intentional to ask Him (or be conscious) to understand the lesson to be learnt through/ in every challenge.


    • Rethots, thank you. Your second point is bread for the soul. Many times, there are lessons to be learned from specific situations and most of us just gloss over the lessons while praying for the grace to pull through. Thank you for adding depth to this.


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