The Heart-Burning Desire to “Do”

The Master Potter was extremely detailed when he formed “woman.” In the depths of the soul of one woman created by the Father, you can be sure to find the strength of a powerhouse. The strange ability to set her eyes like a flint and take upon the work of giants.

We are already fourteen days into 2016 and some of you ladies reading this are currently in a state where your heart is burning with the desire to “do.” Don’t ignore that fire. Listen closely, your heart is beating. It’s beating loudly for all the right reasons. Fourteen days into 2016 and we must ask ourselves this question, “Are we living every day filled with a heart-burning desire and willfulness to fulfill God’s purpose here on earth?”

What should we do with every waking second? Should we live out loud or lie low? I say to you, “Live out LOUD.” Shake your fists. Don’t be quiet. Yes, be consumed with a holy fire. Be determined that this is your year to start doing those things that God has called you to do. It’s not too late. That fire that burns within you is only there to remind you that you’re alive. Vibrant. Awake. And that you can clearly hear His call. Yes, please. Live out loud. You are a woman, and you are strong. Like queen Esther, be confident that you can enter the room of a king and it shall be well with your land. Be confident of your speech. Your strength. Your ability to do the unthinkable.

Go ahead, write it down. Write down the vision for your year. No, not a new year resolution. When I say write it down, first think deeply about what you want to see happen in your home this year. The transformations you desire. The walk with God you desire. Long-term.

However, note that with a heart-burning desire to do comes the willfulness to render yourself to the application. There’s no vision without a plan of action. When you write your vision, ask the Holy Spirit to help you figure out how to make it practical and tangible. If you’ve ever prayed that God will make you a Proverbs 31 woman, don’t back down. He’s about to unveil strength unto you.

This post is a new year’s post to encourage you not to back down in 2016. Face this year headstrong. Set your eyes like a flint and don’t forget that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.


4 thoughts on “The Heart-Burning Desire to “Do”

  1. Happy New Year Jennifer. First time here. I hope a son of man is allowed to comment :))).

    Thank you for writing about woman. People who think it is “a man’s world” need to consider that next to God a true woman is the greatest need a true man has to fulfill his God-given assignment. An encouragement to women to be true women is one of the best things for men and the world.

    My best part is this: “Like queen Esther, be confident that you can enter the room of a king and it shall be well with your land.” It speaks to what it means to be woman, a fearless matriarch, a spiritual warrior, shaping the destiny of nations, yet full of tenderness, lovingkindness and inner beauty.

    A virtuous woman, who can find?


  2. This may be beside the point but I just read 1Pet3:1-5 and I saw how it could be seen as making the woman secondary to the man and subservient to him a negative way.

    As I was reading it, I realized that by her serving her husband she takes a leadership position in the home. Simply because Jesus said whoever would be great among you, let him be servant of all. A man who is lording it over his wife is not the leader of the home…

    But it takes a true woman, a wise woman to see and embrace that, not so they can lead but so they can serve. According to the Truth, true leadership is serving others.

    Of course it also means the man is not lording it over his wife either. His leadership is in service not in “lordship”. The “competition” needed in the home is to outlove each other, serving one another.

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