These lovely homeschool resources I’ve compiled are most suited for infants through preschool and kindergarten grades.

Subject Guides:

If you are creative enough to make your own curriculum, these links are starters to help you learn what subjects are required.


How I Incorporate Curriculums for Homeschool:

Practice your name

Our Curriculum:

I weave various resources together to create a curriculum that works best for our family. Our curriculum is built meticulously using the traditional list of requirements from the department of education as a guide while incorporating various Montessori materials and living books, and enhancing our education by doing unit studies.

Before I talk about the list of resources, one thing that has transformed my homeschooling is living our day-to-day with a “Montessori Lifestyle” and the idea of a Morning Book (an idea I got from Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits). Our Montessori lifestyle is an approach that puts materials in a classroom at the level that children can reach, allowing them to pick and choose activities based on their interests, while teaching them the discipline of using materials and putting them back where they were found, a.k.a discipline. The Morning Book idea allows your child to have a binder where they learn to focus on a few items in a specific day; this also trains them to learn to do independent work.

Now, to our resources. The following resources are materials I have used for my kiddos (this is a growing list of resources). Approximately 99% of the resources listed here have been kid-tested and are highly recommended (the exceptions are items on my wishlist which I have not used yet).


Early Literacy (Reading and Writing):

Bible Work:

  • AWANA (#1 attends an Awana class once a week which he absolutely loves, you can find a class near you or if you prefer to do it at home check the website for homeschool resources).

Practical Life:


Social Studies:





  • Kinderzoo (FREE from Funbrain)
  • Nature series (PBS)


Physical Education:

  • Swimming lessons (at our Rec center)
  • Soccer (at our Rec center and at home)
  • Physical Education PDF – PreK-K – on the site, click ‘export to PDF’ to see the full curriculum.

Free Montessori Resources, Albums, and Teacher Guides

Online Test Prep and Skill Building

What’s education without testing right? This site below is highly recommended for test prep and school testing information. We have not started using this (yet), but it’s recommended by other parents.

My Future Resources/Wish List:

NOTE: If you want a curriculum where all the preparation and creation has already been done for you, learn about the different Christian homeschool curriculums readily available:

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Additional Notes:

  1. Books: I do incorporate a LOT of library reading time and story books with my homeschool resources because young learners have the most fun learning through stories.
  2. TPT: When I’m looking for printables on any topic (Math, Literacy, Science etc), I always try first, as this is a website made by educators for educators. I am registered there as a homeschooler (free registration).