The True Architect of Your Dreams, Visions, and Promises

Your heart is racing now
From a dream so vivid
It's not the first time
Or second
Or even third
It just keeps coming to you
Again and again
Like sinusoidal waves crashing into sand

The promise in this dream
It doesn't force itself on you
It's naturally unstoppable
Like rain water hitting compost soil
You've resisted long enough
Let it come to you
This one time
Just let it crash

If you’re still breathing, you sure are still dreamin’

We all have wild, crazy dreams. On some nights, you will wake up in the middle the night, sweaty from a savage dream. And when you least expect it, you will be reminded of a promise God made to you, either through His word or through an encounter with someone or something.

6 thoughts on “The True Architect of Your Dreams, Visions, and Promises

  1. “Only share your dreams with people….who will believe God with you,….until every God-ordained purpose has been fulfilled.” no truer words because they will be the ones who will constantly reassure you especially when the challenges comes and it (seems) easier to give up than follow through.

    “…tough times will only make you tougher. Challenges will make you stronger,…” also, i believe we should be intentional to ask Him (or be conscious) to understand the lesson to be learnt through/ in every challenge.


    • Rethots, thank you. Your second point is bread for the soul. Many times, there are lessons to be learned from specific situations and most of us just gloss over the lessons while praying for the grace to pull through. Thank you for adding depth to this.


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